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Dear investors

Currently our civilization is going through one of the greatest revolutions. Technology and means of transportation have brought world closer. We may be heading towards a future where humanity will live as one community in peace and harmony. People are already able to buy and own real estate in different parts of the globe. Roogle Real estate Services is the first organization to launch a worldwide MLS portal where sellers, agents, brokers and other resource providers are able post their information for Audiences all around the globe.

Roogle Revolution is in fact a revolution of the Real Estate industry in line with other progress. Currently our listings are limited only to residential real estate properties but very soon we will be adding commercial, agricultural and other real estate. Therefore; we encourage all sellers, buyers, Real estate agents, brokers and others associated with real estate industry to join us, list your services and post your inforamtion at roogle.com to reach local as well as global audiences. Currently our portal allows only residential real estate but soon we will be adding commercial, agricultural and other real estate.

You will be pleased to learn that our following portals have also been running succesfuly and used by many since, 1996.

  • ezrent.com: A real estate rental marketplace
  • BuySell.Biz: A worldwide marketplace for buying and selling businesses.

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