R for Real Estate

Find or list real estate for sale, agents, brokers and other resources worldwide.

The Company

Roogle.com, a worldwide real estate solutions company, is the result of a lifelong dream of its founder. Today while the world is shrinking, the need for a true global real estate marketplace connecting buyers, sellers, agents brokers and other resources in the industry has become more important than ever before. We, intend to provide total solutions for the real estate industry worldwide. This real estate classified MLS (multiple listing services) and a marketplace is the first step towards our ultimate goal. This marketplace makes it easy for property buyers, Sellers and their agents/brokers and other related businesses to list and find properties, companies and services.

Our founder hails from a family of real estate professionals, has many years of experience of teaching real estate agents/brokers and working as a real estate agent in various countries. He also founded Real estate computer Academy (RECA) in 1992. RECA was the world’s first organization to teach real estate business automation, and advise real estate software developers. Since his childhood he was fascinated with an Australian legendary animal with head of an eagle and body of a Kangaroo called, Roogle. Therefore, he decided to give the name Roogle to his real estate services company.

We original started as a sole proprietor in state of Washington state in 1992. Later were incorporated in 2001 as a corporation with legal name Ezrent Inc. and one of the dbas, Roogle Real Estate services. Our head quarters are based in the beautiful city of Seattle, Washington, USA. We are planning to have offices all over the world. See our contact info to communicate with us.

Roogle real estate marketplace, not only helps real estate agents and brokers, but also makes it easier for individuals with one or more properties to sell.

Our other successful portals are ezrent.com:, a marketplace for apartments, houses and other real estate rentals and BuySell.Biz: , a marketplace for buying and selling businesses worldwide. Our both portals get hundreds of thousands of hits monthly.

Note: We have recently decided to divide our portals into three different sites:

  1. Roogle Residential
  2. Roogle Commercial (under construction)
  3. Roogle Lots and Land (under construction)

Successful Business Model:

We are a professional organization offering extremely useful services. Unlike many others we do not charge property buyers or sellers in advanced. We provide services that focus our members' efforts to increase our clients' revenues and are constantly reinvesting our resources in improving our services, submitting to powerful search engines, advertising in conventional media, and finding new ways to increase the effectiveness of our members' advertising efforts. Dependable, dynamic, and determined is our credo; we accept only the best results for our members and ourselves. Please note that currently our both listing and search services are free of charge.

Privacy, Security and Integrity:

We respect our customers' privacy and will never (under any circumstance) buy, exchange or in any way make their information available to third parties, except for the information that you post for our viewers and visitors. Your e-mail address on your listing will not be visible to the public. Anyone who wants to connect with you will either be sending you message through roogle or call you at your phone or visit you website (if available). We do not tolerate UBM (unauthorized bulk mail) and do not permit anyone to use our servers or services for such purposes. You can always contact us through regular mail, e-mail or phone for any questions or concerns.

Future Services:

We intend to provide a broad range of services to our member individuals or companies in the near future, like legal, financial, brokerage support, geographically targeted advertising, single-point end-user contact systems and phone referral services etc. We will keep you informed of our new developments though our newsletter. Keep visiting roogle.com to see improvements and new features.

Why you need to list or advertise with us?

Experience: We have been serving the real estate industry since, 1992. Our other portals including buysell.biz and Ezrent.com have also enriched us with experience and abilities to expose your properties and services to your local and global prospects.

Savings: We save buyers, real estate brokers and individuals sellers millions of dollars by reducing advertising / listing costs through our easy-to-use database. Finding buyers fast also helps our sellers in saving money.

User friendliness: Our property, agents and other resources lookup options make it easier for buyers to quickly find the right properties and connect with agents and other resources.

Communication: We facilitate communication between property buyers, sellers, agents through and other realted businesses through our automatic message forwarding system.

Continuous improvement: We are constantly researching the needs of our members and we will be adding even more needed services for our members.

200 + domain names: We own hundreds of cross-platform domains that all guide your customer to our site and to your listing in our Marketplace. Our cross linking also helps us with better position on search engines.

Some of our other Portals in the making:

  • look.info: A future information Search engine. Currently lists some of our other portals under construction. Those interested in knowing our company’s details must visit. http://www.lookup.info
  • BuySell.Biz: As the name suggests, it is a worldwide MLS and Marketplace for Buying and selling businesses. Business brokers, buyers and sellers all over the globe are able to list, advertise and businesses and related services. You may also list and find business brokers and other business resources
  • BuySellBusiness.mobi: Buy Sell Business dot Mobi is our website describing our services and marketplace for buying and selling business.
  • ezrent.com: A worldwide marketplace and MLS for Rentals and Leasing.