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Why advertise with us?

Increase your exposure by advertising with Roogle: Though we advertise through popular search engines and yellow page, hundreds of our relevant sites are cross-linked with roogle, thus least dependence on other search engines. Please see our ever-expanding Links page.

Increase your returns for your marketing budget through advertising with global Roogle.

Here's why: Thousands of eagerly seeking property buyers and sellers visit Roogle daily. We advertise in print, radio, TV, and submit to major search engines. It takes a strong conventional advertising campaign to tell people where to find you on the Internet. By listing with us you hit many different marketing media at the same time. This multiplies your advertising dollar over a listing in the phone books or placing ads in any single medium. We own over 250 hundred cross-platform domain names that funnel traffic directly to Roogle.

Our other Industry related portals: Our other industry related portals like RentalResources.com, EZrent.com and rentalshow.com and BuySell.Biz cross-link each other thus less dependence on search engines

Our experience: Our industry experience ensures that your needs are met and your expectations greatly exceeded. Roogle Real Estate Services, the publishers of Roogle, was founded by the Real estate professionals that have been serving the industry since 1991. To our surprise, no such resource existed. Seeing the tremendous need for Internet Worldwide Marketplace and having the experience and understanding of the industry, they took the challenge to create the most powerful, commerce-driven Real estate marketplace in the world and a comprehensive wiki directory of Real estate resources.

Our Unique Audience is your audience! Those who want to buy or sell real estate, will find you and your property/product on Roogle. They understand the power of our search engine and will return again and again to find whatever they look for. Just navigate the site and you will realize the power of Roogle.

Ease of use ensures your customers of finding the exact property at locations that best suits their needs. We have tailored our site to make it the simplest way for the real seate buyers to find what they are looking for. Our directory brings property buyers together with agents, brokers and other real estate resources.

Accessibility is king! You can have access to your listing and your page any time. This enables you to change addresses, phone numbers, photos, promotions etc.! Imagine always being in touch with your customers. Imagine being able to inform your customers about your current specials. Imagine not needing an IT department to maintain your web presence! Your listing or advertisement gives you unprecedented power to market your property, product or company.

Directory Listings: Targeted coverage gives your buyer prospect the ability to search for you in neighborhood, city, state, province and even countrywide levels, and under category and subcategory divisions. This brings the most interested and ready-to-buy customers to you in the timeliest manner.

Single-item listings: If you only have one item to list, a house for instance, you can advertise that one item for as long as it takes to be sold out. You will attract locals to your listing as well as those interested from afar. You will be able to delete your listing after your property is sold out.

Other reasons to advertise with us

Savings: We save property buyers and property companies and individuals in millions by reducing advertising / listing costs through our easy-to-use database.

User friendliness: Our property search engine, through various search options makes it easier for property buyers to quickly find the right sources at their desired locations.

Communication: We facilitate communication between property buyers, sellers and other resources through our e-mail forwarding system.

Continuous improvement: We are constantly researching the needs of our members and we will be adding even more needed services for our individual members or real estate agents and companies. 200 + domain names: We own hundreds of cross-platform domains that all guide your customer to our site and to your listing in our search engine.

Some of our other Portals in the making that will cross-link to each other

  • BuySell.Biz: A worldwide Internet Marketplace for Buying and Selling Properties.
  • EZrent.com: World’s first marketplace for all rentals and leasing.
  • Rentalshow.com: A virtual tradeshow for the Property Industry.
  • RentalResources.com: A directory of resources like legal, financial, suppliers of other services and products to the property Industry.


Commercial, agricultural and other real estate: We will be adding the ability to add and find commercial and other real estate modules soon.

Targeted Banner and Display Ads: Targeted coverage is offered at International, national, state /province, and city levels and takes your message beyond your current audience. You can advertise on front page for Audience around the Globe or on Category / location page for your local Clients.

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There are two ways to list your company / property and become a member either by following the Register link on this site and following the steps, or by contacting us and speaking to a membership consultant.

Real Estate Agents/Brokers and other services providers: Please contact us for yearly membership for discounted multiple listings and Display Panel/Banner Ads. You may reach us by calling 206-575-7771 or by e-mail: membership@Roogle.com: The message that buyer provider receives if buyer send a message through Roogle: