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Roogle FAQ

Q: Your listing and search are free. Is there any catch? How do you make money?

A: We are looking forward to team up with sponsors or advertisers. We are confident that real estate related businesses will support us. We have a brokerage company and have our own website where we list our properties for sale. We also list with our local multiple listing services.

Q: What is advantage of advertising with Roogle?

A: Roogle is a worldwide classified wiki MLS and marketplace. Local buyer prospects as well as buyers from other parts of the world will be able to easily find you through Roogle. Moreover; you can add your company’s website with your listing to enable visitors click on your site link. We believe Roogle gives you far bigger exposure. Roogle, by no means is a competitor to your local MLS or company website.

Q: Is there any help in listing a property?

A: We have provided help messages with every field. Take your cursor to any blank field, wait for a few seconds to see help message appear. You may also call us at (USA) 206-575-7771 if you face any difficulty.

Q: I am not a seller. Just want to buy a property. Do I need to sign up or register?

A: You don't need to sign up if you do not have to post any information. You may also search for real estate agents, brokers and other resources like mortgage, title Insurance, construction and maintenance companies.

Q: What geographic market do we cover?

A: We are global matchmakers for property buyers, agents, brokers and other resources. You may list or find real estate for sale anywhere in the world. You may also list your company or services if you are a part of real estate industry.

Q: I am not a real estate agent or a broker. Can I list my property for sale?

A: Yes. Many for sale by owner properties are listed and sold. But we encourage you to seek professional help through real estate agents and brokers as their experience and education may benefit you.

Q: What Property types do we cover?

A: Currently Roogle.com is designed only for residential real estate. However, our designers are working to add commercial, agricultural and other real estate. Hopefully we will have commercial and other real estate listing capabilities soon.

Q: What shall I write for property title? Does a good title produce better search results?

A: The property title is like keywords and search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing etc. read these titles. If carefully written, the title can help people find you easily. Example of a good property title: “California North Los Angeles 5 five Bedroom home for sale”.

Q: How many categories can I list under?

A: As many as apply to your property. You may assign multiple categories to you property by holding control key and click on the desired categories.

Q. What is the benefit of adding neighborhood cities and what does the city name variation mean?

A: Sometime buyers look for properties in cities close to yours. Location of your property may also be acceptable to these buyers. Therefore; when a buyer searches in the city close to your property, he or she will find your listing if he you have added that city. Moreover, many buyers spell cities in different ways for example New York City is also spelled NYC and Los Angeles is abbreviated as LA.

Q: How can we attract more buyer customers?

A: Read help messages. Pay attention to city name variations and neighborhood cities field, write down the neighboring cities and variation of your city names like New York City NYC. Listing title is searched and crawled by all search engines. Therefore; chose the wording for title carefully.

Q: Can we change the information or picture in our listing?

A: Yes we can always sign in (Login) and edit the information that you entered. You can also change the picture.